We love To Make Food

Annapurna Kitchen name is derived from the name Annapurna mountain which is the tenth highest mountain of Nepal. But Annapurna has another genuine meaning also which means full of food. We are the kitchen which is serves full of authentic Indian and Nepalese food. We have chosen the popular and flavourful dishes from India like Biryani, Butter chicken, Tandoori chicken, Chicken tikka, Lamb chops, Samosa, Palak/Matar Paneer, Naan and many more including Nepalese dishes like Momo (chicken dumplings), Thakali/Nepali thali (rice, lentil soup, chicken/fish gravy, spinach, spicy fried potatoes), Chiura choyla set (beaten rice with boiled and shredded chicken marinated and seasoned) etc. The chefs are highly experienced in preparing the genuine and authentic dishes.

Annapurna Kitchen is located at Overtoom 548 which is easily reachable by car and the area has sufficient parking place and it is also reachable by tram 1 and 17. Annapurna kitchen has around 62 seats capacity 42 inside and 20 outside.

We would love to serve our mouth-watering cuisine in our place or we can do home delivery free of cost between 17:00 to 23:00 hrs.